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Monday, December 19, 2005


I know, you are thinking the same thing - what kind of weird anime has a little kid in a choirboy outfit as the main character? When I first heard about ZATCH BELL (Gash Bell in Japan) I thought it looked weird and creepy. New rule: Creepy and Weird from Japan = AWESOME!

This is kind of like a Pokemon show where humans with their mamodo's/pokemon's do battle against others to be come the Mamodo King. There isnt much info on where they come from and why all the mamodo are kids and why some are kids, some are teens and some are weird duck-looking creatures - but its one hell of a fun ride and for those who like zaniness in their action-adventure should be catching this show on Cartoon Network.

One of the things I love best is the voice of Zatch himself...if you've seen Jimmy Neutron you might do a double take but the actor who is a woman (accomplish voice actor and film actress Deri Derryberry) the naive yet deadly nature of Zatch and his relationship with his owner Keyo makes this series fun to watch.

I am just starting to read the manga now from Viz and it seems like a storyboard for the anime. Mattel is making toys for the show so I hope they make a plush life size Zatch. The card game is selling well and I even picked that up having never played a CCG before...

I guess this show is aimed at Teen Titan age kids, but if you are older you'll enjoy it too.


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