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Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry X-Men X-Mas!

Ok so the holidays are here and everyone is either running around shopping or travelling - so lets all relax and write off 2005! I might do a Best of 2005 list after the holidays I might not.

Below is the cover to X3 director Brett Ratner's Christmas Card that I wanted you all to see since it has nice shots of Beast and Colossus...

Be Merry!

Monday, December 19, 2005


Yeah so I missed the theatrical release of THE 40 YEAR OLD VIRGIN but I caught the DVD recently and must say this movie is hilarious. Carell blows me away on THE OFFICE, but he shows range in this movie. If you haven't seen it and are a geek (you must be if you are reading this blog) then you should rent/buy/download this movie. Definitely worth giving as a gift in lieu of action figures or to the person that has all the other blockbuster films (EP3, Batman Begins etc.) everyone will be very happy with this even if you thinking its a slam against geeks - its not - its pure comic genius and even his buddies and co-workers shine!

First rate comedy if you like Farelly Brothers type stuff and The Office. I saw 2 cast members of The Office in the movie too.

I just love this image of Carell!


I know, you are thinking the same thing - what kind of weird anime has a little kid in a choirboy outfit as the main character? When I first heard about ZATCH BELL (Gash Bell in Japan) I thought it looked weird and creepy. New rule: Creepy and Weird from Japan = AWESOME!

This is kind of like a Pokemon show where humans with their mamodo's/pokemon's do battle against others to be come the Mamodo King. There isnt much info on where they come from and why all the mamodo are kids and why some are kids, some are teens and some are weird duck-looking creatures - but its one hell of a fun ride and for those who like zaniness in their action-adventure should be catching this show on Cartoon Network.

One of the things I love best is the voice of Zatch himself...if you've seen Jimmy Neutron you might do a double take but the actor who is a woman (accomplish voice actor and film actress Deri Derryberry) the naive yet deadly nature of Zatch and his relationship with his owner Keyo makes this series fun to watch.

I am just starting to read the manga now from Viz and it seems like a storyboard for the anime. Mattel is making toys for the show so I hope they make a plush life size Zatch. The card game is selling well and I even picked that up having never played a CCG before...

I guess this show is aimed at Teen Titan age kids, but if you are older you'll enjoy it too.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


I was one of the people that helped KING KONG show off a bad opening day. I was there for the midnight show on Tuesday to see if this flick could live up to the hype. I am not a huge Kong fan...I like the Japanese monsters better, actually Kong might very well be on the bottom of my ist of favorite monsters but if Pete "Slim" Jackson likes him and I loved LOTR then I can at least see what he did. Actually I was sold on the fight scenes in the trailer. If you are like me and want to see some cool monster-on-monster fights then you won't be disapointed.

You can really see the 3 acts in this movie - Act 1 on the way to Skull Island, Act 2 on Skull Island and Act 3 in New York. Act 1 should have been cut down by half or more. 1 hour from the beginning to when you finally see Kong. While you could argue that Act 2 was too long (90 minutes I believe) I would have been disappointed if it was any shorter because this is what I paid to see. The final act? I guess how else could it really end? I won't really flaw the story because it is what it is...looking at it from a new perspective with all the CG effects is what I am basing my viewpoint on.

The reason why LOTR didnt seem like 3 hours is because of its 3-4 different narritive streams which kept bouncing back and forth, KONG just has one - so you either love it or like me get fidgety in the theatre at 2am.

Good fun for monster Gollum, Kong ceased to be a CG effect after about 30 minutes. Naomi Watts is hot, like a new Nicole Kidman, Jack Black although not the crazy School of Rock guy was good but what is up with Adrian Brody's nose?

I'll probably get the DVD to see the fight scenes again but no doubt they wont look as good as they did on the big screen. I am indifferent about this flick maybe because of my preconceptions, so maybe another viewing will do it justice.