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Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Ouch - well the last 3 epsiodes of the 6 that aired of the new NIGHT STALKER series were pretty bad, did anybody actually think that it would survive against CSI: LAS VEGAS? But still scoring 5 million viewers is pretty good. Producer Frank Spotnitz reveals on his blog that its game over for the Stuart Townsend X-files type show. I thought it was OK but I'm sure Stuart will find work elsewhere.

Good news that PRISON BREAK which was supposed to be just filler until 24 came back on has built a fan base so that it will continue. Prison Break is probably my favorite NEW show of the 2005 Fall season...but what is up with new episodes in MAY 2006??? But this show is so damn good and cliffhanging that you have to watch it. If you haven't seen it yet save yourself the suspense and wait for the DVD box set as this is one of those shows you will want to watch in a marathon - this once a week thing is killing me.

I find it flattering that some of you spammers think that my blog is popular enough to warrant leaving spam messages. I guess the joke is on you guys...viewership has dropped like a rock in the last month.


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