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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Sorry its been a month since last blogging but wanted to drop in and make sure everyone is buying INFINITE CRISIS - the second issue is out and its awesome.

Geroge Perez actually draws a few pages where the original Crisis is re-capped so its a nice change from the ugly artwork that is Phil Jimenez. I still don't understand why this very important comic was drawn by a bad Perez-clone. I would take any of the DC staple artists like Rags Morales, Howard Porter or even Ed Benes - but Phil is the only thing that is bringing this series in a notch below the original COIF for me.

But I've waded through worse to get a good story and I did suffer with Jimenez on his run with Grant Morrison on NEW X-MEN so I guess I can take it - at least its not Ethan Van Sciver...what's up with all these bad post-Image artists?


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