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Sunday, November 13, 2005


I just finished reading this companion book for BATTLESTAR GALACTICA from Titan Books and its great! Thumbs up! There are 2 covers to this book - I have one with Number Six on the cover flanked by cylons which I believe is the direct market cover - Titan likes to have a more mass appeal one for bookstores and then I guess a sexier one for theh fanboys - I'd prefer the mass one but they only had this one at the comic shop I bought it at.

Its like the Concordance for Star Trek but focuses on the mini-series and the first season. It has ALOT of behind the scenes info which is why I bought it - I didnt want it if it was just an episode guide but it talks to Ronald Moore about his thinking behind the re-imagining as well as casting, costumes, music and visual effects - great if you love the show and great if you want to learn about what goes into making a sci-fi show.

January cannot come soon enough for more of Season 2. (FYI - Sci Fi ordered 20 epsiodes for Season 2 but for some reason broke them up into 2 packs of 10 - I guess to avoid the regular networks Fall releases , whci h Iwuldnt be scared of since of all the new shows BSG is still the one I would choose to watch.)

Hurry up with the toys Hasbro!

The first 10 epsiodes of Season 2 are on DVD on December 20th!


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