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Sunday, November 13, 2005


Wow time flies - I remember posting my comments of BATMAN BEGINS on this blog not too long ago and now I am reviewing the DVD.

If you loved the film you obviously are buying the DVD so I dont really need to sell you on this. I bought the 2 disc set with the comic inside. The comic has Long Halloween #1 and Detective Comics #27 - two issues I've read many times - but its nice to see the inclusion of the short story from SECRET ORIGINS Circa 1989 as I've never read the story "The Man Who Falls" - great story and can see that this story was used in fashioning the origin elements of the film.

I wont go into details about the sound and picture clarity of the DVD, but I can say that after watching this again - this is my favorite superhero movie - let me watch it a few more times before I *definitely* say this but right now it beats out SPIDER-MAN 1, X-MEN 1 and marginally sliding by SUPERMAN 1. One thing I warn you is to NOT BUY the original 4 Batman films unless you are die-hard. Watching those again is like watching Robotech and then Ghost in the Shell. Just painful in comparison! Christian Bale and cast and crew - Chistopher Nolan and David Goyer you guys just knocked this so far out of the park.

The Second Disc is pretty cool except for the annoying comic book interface - this movie is so far beyond comics I dont know why they need to dress it up this way. This movie is so good it makes me forget this is based on a comic book and that Batman is an actual urban myth. The behind the scenes features are OK - in-depth but very glossy look at the making of the film. OK, I did see the documentary on the REVENGE OF THE SITH DVD and that will make anything else seem glossy. All in all a great 2-disc set but I know, I KNOW I will have to buy it again - WHERE THE HELL IS THE NOLAN AND GOYER COMMENTARY??? That was one commentary I was really looking forward to hear (Lucas didnt do one for EP3 either)

Anyways - buy it and love it - SUPERMAN RETURNS has alot to live up to and without the origin story to fall back on.


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