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Friday, October 14, 2005


No new blog entries in almost a month means we have been sucked in by the TV season. I can't remember ever watching this much TV except when I was 8 and living for Saturday Morning and After school cartoons.

I'm going to post these shows I like and see if I still like them the next time I see this entry.

NIGHT STALKER: Never really saw the original KOLCHAK - but this one if pretty creepy, and now comparing it to SUPERNATURAL whoch is also a bit creepy, Stuart Townsend is more creepy than the Supernatural Brothers - and Kolchak gets a Jimmy Olsen and a black Lois Lane to boot.

E-RING: USually I don't like military shows, I don't watch JAG or things like that, but these stories with Benjamin Bratt and Dennis "Spitting Mad" Hopper are neat little Bruckheimer-type adventures. I've been entertained at least so far and will continue watching.

PRISON BREAK: Still good and still keeping up the story. I have a morbid facination with this show waiting to see it fall apart - if it doesn't I will be very happy.

MY NAME IS EARL and HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Two sappy comedies but the only short form sit-com content that is passable this season, seems everyone went for 1-hour drama's.

I've already dropped THRESHOLD and SURFACE and will skip through SUPERNATURAL.

And then there are the usual suspects: ALIAS, SMALLVILLE, CSI, THE SIMPSONS, BOSTON LEGAL, MEDIUM and LOST - no Desperate Housewives here.

I point you to a great TV Show blog here!


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