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Wednesday, September 14, 2005


For sounding like I have a modicum of literary knowledge in my last post on cool comics - I turn the tables on readers again! This time we are pumping up the cool factor of the new G.I. JOE SIGMA 6 cartoon.

Ok if this was a purely American venture then it would get an instant thumbs down, so give whoever at 4Kids or Hasbro that said "Let's get GONZO to do this!" a raise and hope the show retains the excitement of the first episode I have seen.

The team is back, well at least the main characters that had the most personality traits to diferentiate them from the other "greenshirts" - only Tunnel Rat is the surprising character but I guess it makes it a more racially-diverse team - I wonder if Larry Hama has seen it and what he thinks of his character being turned into basically Keyop from the Gatchaman re-styling in 1994.

Don't ask me what the story was about other than it was cool to see Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow back out there on the TV fighting. I did see all the 3D videos that came with the toys in the past year and wonder why they decided to go with a 2D look instead of the 3D look? I guess we can all assume that 3D is for theatrical and 2D can stay on TV which is fine by me!

Just got an advance screener of FINAL FANTASY 7: ADVENT CHILDREN - the next generation CG anime from Japan and will watch it this weekend and tell you all about it then if its as good as it looks.


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