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Friday, September 16, 2005


This is going to be fun for fanboys - new CBS series THRESHOLD amalgamates just about every fanboy personality into one new sci-fi show.

OK I saw the pilot premiere - and from what I get its about an alien invasion only instead of War of the Worlds style, these aliens send a probe here to put themsleves INTO us. So the first episode shows all this and the "crack" team that is going to stop it. Absoluytely comic book-y and so over the top crazy that it just might work! I give it a thumbs up and will continue watching to see how it unfolds, but the pilot is strong but let us look at the fanboy quota here.

David Goyer is involved he of JSA comic writing and writing the Blade Trilogy and Batman Begins, Brannon Braga the worst producer ever who helped kill the Trek franchise with his work on Enterprise. OK so lets look at the stars - Carla Cugino - she was in Sin City and oh yeah DATA - Brent Spiner is in it too - man did he get old or has it really been more than 15 years since TNG debuted???

So with all this fanboy narcissim involved this show HAS to appeal to our demographic, I can only imagine its been toned down for TV because of budget and it does want to get more regular people to watch it but so far it has the feel of a sci-fi comic book come to life.

ALSO - SUPERNATURAL from producer McG on UPN was on the other night and it had some great creepy editing for the ghost woman. Its the Hardy Boys for the 21st century with The Ring and all those Japanese horror films toned down for TV - lets see how much they can get away with but it was a good beginning.

I like PRISON BREAK so far as well! Completely unsustainable for more than 1 season but at least it will have a fun run! I like the cast and the unbelievable concept.



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