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Sunday, September 18, 2005


Oh yes we have been waiting! Not as crazy as the subtitles for the Star Wars movies but Hideo Kojima: the most important man of all video game developers has released the VIDEO for the 4th installment of the greatest game ever created at the TGS 2005 expo, and it has the subtitle of: GUNS OF THE PATRIOTS - go and watch it and the MGS3 Subsistence trailer as well - where MGS3 goes online multi-player and has 3 Discs in time for Christmas!


Is this a real poster f0r SERENITY? Who knows but it sure is interesting how they promote and sell a movie in other markets. If you have seen the show FIREFLY that this movie is a continuation of; you'll know that its very much a gritty sci-fi cowboy show - other than the costumes on the bottom of this poster you might mistake this for something like MINORITY REPORT type sci-fi. And the image of Summer Glau as River at the top makes her look like some kind of ninja - which she does seem to be in the trailers, but the show she is almost autistic.

Always good to see MORENA BACCARIN in a bikini top though - that should sell anyone.

Is this the first FALL movie that has been this eagerly anticipated by fanboys?

Friday, September 16, 2005


This is going to be fun for fanboys - new CBS series THRESHOLD amalgamates just about every fanboy personality into one new sci-fi show.

OK I saw the pilot premiere - and from what I get its about an alien invasion only instead of War of the Worlds style, these aliens send a probe here to put themsleves INTO us. So the first episode shows all this and the "crack" team that is going to stop it. Absoluytely comic book-y and so over the top crazy that it just might work! I give it a thumbs up and will continue watching to see how it unfolds, but the pilot is strong but let us look at the fanboy quota here.

David Goyer is involved he of JSA comic writing and writing the Blade Trilogy and Batman Begins, Brannon Braga the worst producer ever who helped kill the Trek franchise with his work on Enterprise. OK so lets look at the stars - Carla Cugino - she was in Sin City and oh yeah DATA - Brent Spiner is in it too - man did he get old or has it really been more than 15 years since TNG debuted???

So with all this fanboy narcissim involved this show HAS to appeal to our demographic, I can only imagine its been toned down for TV because of budget and it does want to get more regular people to watch it but so far it has the feel of a sci-fi comic book come to life.

ALSO - SUPERNATURAL from producer McG on UPN was on the other night and it had some great creepy editing for the ghost woman. Its the Hardy Boys for the 21st century with The Ring and all those Japanese horror films toned down for TV - lets see how much they can get away with but it was a good beginning.

I like PRISON BREAK so far as well! Completely unsustainable for more than 1 season but at least it will have a fun run! I like the cast and the unbelievable concept.


Wednesday, September 14, 2005


For sounding like I have a modicum of literary knowledge in my last post on cool comics - I turn the tables on readers again! This time we are pumping up the cool factor of the new G.I. JOE SIGMA 6 cartoon.

Ok if this was a purely American venture then it would get an instant thumbs down, so give whoever at 4Kids or Hasbro that said "Let's get GONZO to do this!" a raise and hope the show retains the excitement of the first episode I have seen.

The team is back, well at least the main characters that had the most personality traits to diferentiate them from the other "greenshirts" - only Tunnel Rat is the surprising character but I guess it makes it a more racially-diverse team - I wonder if Larry Hama has seen it and what he thinks of his character being turned into basically Keyop from the Gatchaman re-styling in 1994.

Don't ask me what the story was about other than it was cool to see Snake-Eyes and Storm Shadow back out there on the TV fighting. I did see all the 3D videos that came with the toys in the past year and wonder why they decided to go with a 2D look instead of the 3D look? I guess we can all assume that 3D is for theatrical and 2D can stay on TV which is fine by me!

Just got an advance screener of FINAL FANTASY 7: ADVENT CHILDREN - the next generation CG anime from Japan and will watch it this weekend and tell you all about it then if its as good as it looks.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


This is yet another opinion piece. I just read NEW AVENGERS #9; and although it reminded me of TOTAL RECALL without Arnold - it was a fun read, it was really a chapter out of a longer story, but an exciting chapter nonetheless. What is going on here? Are comics getting better than they have since the 1980's? I really would like to know what the kids today think or else the pre-teen me would I think if I was reading today's comics back then.

I grew up on Dark Knight Returns, Watchmen, American Flagg, Miracleman, X-Men, Ninja Turtles, Nexus and all the great stuff from the mid-80's; I know its not just me who loved that stuff everybody remembers it fondly even if people read it today.

So was the period from say 1990-2000 mainly filled with junk? Of course there are many, many stand-out series in that time period, but compared to what I've been reading I can't compare. Is it really the Editor-In-Chief that makes things so exciting - for all those that hate Jim Shooter his period at Marvel was the most memorable and now we have Dan Didio and Joe Quesada heading up the 2 biggest mainstream comic publishers in the world and really whacking out great stuff.

There really is no point to this POV, I just find it interesting that I can remember what happened in the last issue of New Avengers and it was a month ago...I even skip over that front page (which I am glad is there) I also think it interesting that both sides are actually kicking up the sideline characters too. HAWKMAN, AQUAMAN, GREEN ARROW, FLASH and now even WONDER WOMAN are all good reads on a monthly basis. And Marvel is trying its best to bring in new characters or re-invigorate old ones - RUNAWAYS, I guess that's it outside of the main ULTIMATE UNIVERSE books, the X-Men, Avengers and Spider-Man books, but still lots of fun it to be had.

It really is a great time to be reading comics. Buy them in singles or trades, just buy them.

With all the excitement in mainstream I hope to see a pick up in the independent comic company scene...we need a new ECLIPSE, FIRST and COMICO - people who publish mainstream stuff but just off the beaten path. Places where we found stuff like MAGE, ELEMENTALS, GROO, DREADSTAR, LIBERTY PROJECT, ZOT! and many many more...and I dont mean like Dark Horse, IDW and Oni - who are producing licensed comics and obscure indie books. I mean more like DEVIL'S DUE who tried superheroes but bombed out, they should be acting more like publishers and finding the best material and then putting it in the market - not deciding that the market needs more superhero books so they manufacture some that are just sub-standard riffs.

Ok enough for today...tell me what comics you liked in the 80's and today and what parallels you see.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


If you've been reading this blog you'll most likely think us total mainstream fanboys that just reads Marvel and DC and see's only studio movies - well that is 90% true! Sometimes we like to mix it up like a HipHop-apotamus and slum with the black and white indie.

I don't know where this came from, but if you should try and find this first issue of THE THOUSAND DEATHS OF BARON VON DONUT - I mean buy it just for the title. Some company called Arenic Lullabies made it and it's about a giant talking donut that is alot like Willy doesn't really make alot of sense other than if you think a breakfast icon that works till 11am and then drinks himself silly for the rest of the day funny - then this comic is for you.

OK, and yes - lets not forget; ULTIMATE X-MEN ANNUAL #1 and ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN ANNUAL #1 were both top notch reading and I guess the reason why the annual was created in the first place - to tell and extra length story that meant something, instead of the filler material it turned into in the 80's and 90's. Good to have them back!

Friday, September 02, 2005