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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

This is a photo of TOM WELLING for some publicity for the upcoming season of SMALLVILLE! First time I've seen him with his hair slicked back and yes doesn't he look even MORE like Superman now. I just hope this Brandon Routh guy is good because I think all Smallville fans wished it was Tom in the Superman Costume. Here's hopiong that Season 5 is better than the Season 4 which I will say was somne of the worst TV ever, that would be grounds for cancellation. The only characters the writers need to worry about is Clark, Lex and Lana - stop bringing in these lame characters...OK I disclaim that with the casting of Spike as BRANIAC this season! Please make him a cool villain and bring the show back up.

Fans of the show or of The WB should check out this video which shows the new look for the station this season and gives highlights on some of its shows. Wow - there is so much on the WB that I don't even watch.


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