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Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Did you kow that Rob Liefeld had a comic planned on the Jennifer Garner show ALIAS? Who knows why it never came out because the pages by Andy Park are amazing and looks like they follow events in the first season - I guess no chance of these coming out now.

And since we're speaking of ALIAS, I really think that their hype machine is sending out funky rumours to get people talking. I HIGHLY doubt that either of these are real but they do stir up debate.

1) The upcoming 5th season is the last.
2) In season 5 Sydney trains a new spy and she will take over in Season 6 as Jennifer Garner leaves the show.
3) Michael Vaughn is really a double agent.

I doubt the first 2, but #3 sounds pretty real. I didn't like any of season 4 - the format changed to self-contained episodes and had no real interesting storylines or doublecrosses. The reason I got into the show was teh cliffhanger format and that I was rewarded for paying attention. Now the show, no doubt to survive, has to be dumbed down and made more accessible. It's funny because LOST isn't that accessible - unless you count in one season that nothing happens other than you know these people are stranded on some freaky alien planet..or something - and its doing double the ratings ALIAS is. So since they are working Jen's real life pregnancy into the season, give it a shot and I will be there as well to see what happens this year that Season 4 season finale was fantastic (Although Season 2's was still the best!)


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