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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


I didn't want to post too much news here but this is too exciting not to share. ALL NEW JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED cartoon loglines.

Episode #27 - We Are Legion
Original Airdate - September 17th 2005 - Season Premiere

Lex Luthor escapes from a maximum security prison, only to be invited to join Grodd's unstoppable Legion of Doom.

Episode #28 - Shadow of the Hawk
Original Airdate - September 17th 2005

Batman is suspicious of Shayera's new boyfriend, a mysterious archeologist with sinister ties to her Thanagarian past.

Episode #29 - Chaos at the Earth's Core
Original Airdate - September 24th 2005

Supergirl, Stargirl and Green Lantern go to Skartaris, the fantastic, hidden world at the Earth's core, to help free it from the rule of a brutal dictator.

Originally titled "Heart of Stone."

Episode #30 - To Another Shore
Original Airdate - September 24th 2005

Wonder Woman stumbles onto a plot to steal the powers hidden inside the 3000-year-old, frozen remains of the legendary hero, the Viking Prince.

Originally titled "Elegy."

Episode #31 - Flash and Substance
Original Airdate -

Batman and Orion see a different side of the Flash when a rogues’ gallery of villains attacks the museum that is opening in his honor.

Episode #32 - Dead Reckoning
Original Airdate -

The ghost of a circus performer convinces Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to help him retrieve the stolen souls of a mystic order of Monks.

Episode #33 - Patriot Act
Original Airdate -

When an out of control super soldier threatens Metropolis, Green Arrow leads seven non-powered Justice Leaguers, including Crimson Avenger and Shining Knight, in a battle they can’t hope to win.

Episode #34 - The Great Brain Robbery
Original Airdate -

A mystical accident leads to Lex Luthor and the Flash’s minds being swapped into each other’s bodies.

There are 5 more episodes after that - and then that could be it for JLU which most likely looks to be what is going to happen since next year there are the 2 big DC cartoon announcements of a certain movie hero getting a new series and a team of youngsters from the future.

Back to JLU - I was at the panel at San Diego where they showed the teaser to the I AM LEGION season premiere - and man was it awesome. Well since it was metioned in the logline - you'll be happy to know that GORILLA GRODD has asssembled a new LEGION OF DOOM with EVERY FREAKING DC VILLAIN in it! I mean this is the evil version of the JLU so there are hundreds of villains to fight. What Bruce Timm said was that the Legion will be the overlying arc for this entire season even if they are not in every episode!

This will likely be the best season ever, I mean read those loglines again....DEADMAN, WARLORD, HAWKMAN!!!!! This is what a DC cartoon should be like. I bought all the 3-packs of the new JLU action figures from Mattel - and now I set them up in front of the TV when I watch new episodes - that is what you have done to me Bruce Timm you have regressed me to childhood again!


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