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Friday, August 19, 2005


I really hate it when critics have some kind of personal vendetta against a film maker or actor. Micheal Bay has his enemies - everyone loves The Rock but felt so ripped off by Pearl Harbour. He made his bones on BAD BOYS and then screwed up the now its time to crush him. Given that maybe audiences were tired of all the action movies, I have to say that I totally enjoyed THE ISLAND and thought it was along the lines of MINORITY REPORT. I like the close idea and thought the first half of the film was great, when it goes all crazy chase movie from that point - its OK but loses alot of pwer in teh sappy ending. All in all aI was entertained more than I thought I would be. I know there are plot holes but tell me one action movie that doesnt have any...if you like any sci-fi like LOGAN'S RUN, BLADE RUNNER chances are you will like this for its sheer escapist fun and pseudo science of the future - and most importantly to see Scarlet Johansen running around in that T-shirt. I hope this didnt sour her on making more action movies because I think she is great fun to watch...OK and so are you Obi-Wan.


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