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Friday, August 19, 2005


I had to pick this up because of this amazingly cool cover and you know what - this Iron Man is better than the Warren Ellis IRON MAN...In the House of M, Tony STark's Dad is still alive and they all "wrestle" in a Sapien Death Match with Johnny Storm...when Tony of course goes out in the IM armour his Dad comes in a Sentinel armour to take him and that is the first issue - the second issue keeps the excitement going!

I read all 4 issues of Warren Ellis' Iron Man and its crap - only saved by the amazing Adi Granov art. How can this be??? House of M Iron Man is done by 2 crap creators Greg Pak and Pat Lee...oh the humanity. If only Dreamwave comics read this good it wouldn't have gone bankrupt. I'm starting to not look at credits any more and go in without any preconceptions of the talent and let it stand on its own.


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