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Friday, August 19, 2005


Damn this is fun! I liked Devil's Due's original run on Joe but this new one written by Joe Casey is pretty darn fun if not a bit more grim and evil. Just by looking at that cover you can tell the Joe's are a bit more battle worn which is a good thing and it has that layer of realism - so much so that I forgot this was a toy line for a minute. How did Hasbro allow this kind of re-working in beyond me.

And lets give it up for the art find of the year Mr. STEFANO CASELLI - stand up and take a bow! Your style totally fits the Joes and gives them an edge that they need - I mean check out this panel of STALKER and STORM SHADOW - that is your incentive to pick up the book, if you don't think that looks cool then nothing will get you to buy it.

All in all with AMERICA'S ELITE #2 - I have to give this Joe a thumbs up and its OK if you want to wait for the trade because it's a double buy for me - singles and trade - its that exciting.


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