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Friday, August 12, 2005


I'm sorry - but Damn You DC, Damn you for making comics so exciting again! I was really all fed up with comics in my 24th year of reading them - but you have sucked me back in with this damn INFINITE CRISIS series - I have never bought crossovers EVER but dammit - every single one of them (Well maybe except Rann-Thanagar War) are so good even as stand alone series.

And now I read JLA #117 and it just gets better and better - look at this last page - I don't care if you read #117 or not - just look at it! It's so beautiful that you just can't wait and its not drawn by Jim Lee or written by Alan Moore - so it must be good. I cannot stress enough how much fun I am having reading these comics. I am all for the new series 52 if it keeps this level of quality up and is a rollercoaster of fun.

Dan Didio - I can safely say, more than Joe Quesada, is definitely the most important man in Comics! For him to use company resources to put together an epic like this is just amazing! I just hope it can stay this exciting AFTER the last issue of IC. Also my $10 is that they kill Wonder Woman and reboot her with a new #1 after this is all done and she becomes as cool a character as Batman. ITS ABOUT TIME!


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