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Monday, August 22, 2005


One of the things I like about Comic's Buyers Guide is that it isnt necessarily filled with hype like Wizard is. It talks about the indutry as a whole and actually it looks at the value of comics and why prices go up and down - really a guide for speculating - which is strange seeing as to old-school comic fans that was the problem in the 90's, but I digress.

According to their new report - ALL-STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN - is the biggest seller sine Image's DARKNESS #11 in 1997 which had 11 covers. That is absolutely incredible and amazing to learn and why CBG will always get my money for its interesting articles (especially written by Crimson Dynamo scribe John Jackson Miller)

And to prove that JIM LEE is no one trick pony, he really is the best selling comics creator of all time:

The top-selling DC comic book prior to 2003 was Superman: The Wedding Album, which had Diamond preorders of 346,000 copies in its November 1996 release. A contemporaneous Marvel peak could be found in the “Heroes Reborn” Fantastic Four Vol. 2, #1, which had preorders of 314,000 copies from Heroes World Distribution. The comic book with the largest print run of all time was 1991’s X-Men Vol. 2, #1, with 7.1 million copies across five covers.
His FF Heroes Reborn was #1 and X-Men Vol. 2...including the ALL-STAR BATMAN all 3 were truly terrible reads - but the art can't be beat! Which leads me to the diappointment on READING ASBaRtBW...Frank Miller pretty much cannot write for anyone else and looking at Dark Knight Strikes Again cannot write for himself...I think that sequel should never have been done because you know it would never hold a candle to the original and just tarnish the integrity of the first one. Poor Jim Lee - his best partner is Jeph Loeb, Brian Azzarello screwed him over completely with the terrible Superman "For Tomorrow" story and now "comics-God" Frank Miller is going to waste an amazing chance to push Lee to top his "HUSH" work - we'll see of course but for the best selling comic (so far) of the 21st Century I'm a little disappointed with the result.


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