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Saturday, July 02, 2005


Trying to make up for missed postings this week - here is a few for the long weekend. MARK MILLAR comics writer superstar of THE ULTIMATES and WOLVERINE (Well that one sucks) has re-launched his message boards AND a new web magazine and a blog. Proof that this guy writes everything down at the pub and squanders his daytime online talking to fans.

And if you need any incentive to go and check it out - Mark interviews ROB LIEFELD (Hold on a minute) and we find out that in 1992 Rob made $20 MILLION in comics!!!!!

RL: Yes, the math is simple. 12 Image comics in the form of 4 Youngbloods, 4 Supreme’s, 4 Brigades, each bringing in one million bucks each. X-Force royalties for the first 12 issues( royalties were sent 12 months after a book shipped in those days) broght in around 4 million and additional licensing contributed another 2 million and the money from the Levi commercial was about a million. After taxes, Uncle Sam left me with around 12 million bucks.

IN other comic news the COMIC'S BUYERS GUIDE the oldest news source about comics has finally launched their own website called For a magazine that used to come out WEEKLY they are mighty slow in the e-world.


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