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Friday, July 01, 2005


This is the one movie we will be following very closely on as a FLASH movie could be the most amazing SFX superhero movie ever. Of all the super-powers the FLASH would be the most dramatic (with Green Lantern as #2).

So here is director DAVID GOYER talking about the Flash movie.

"Fans know there's been more than one Flash over the years," Goyer adds. "There's been a lot of speculation and rumor, but both Barry Allen and Wally West will be in this movie."

Goyer is referring to the The Flash's "normal" identity. He started as Jay Garrick in 1940. Allen took over in 1956 and Wallace (introduced as Kid Flash in 1959) in 1986.

"We're going to go into the 'Speed Force' and a lot of the cosmic aspects of the character from the more recent past," Goyer says. "Trust me, we're going to do a lot more than have the Flash run on water and create vortexes.

"I have a guy from M.I.T. helping me with all of this. We're going to be playing with relativity, Doppler effects and all kinds of things like that. Audiences will be amazed."

OK, OK sounds cool - you know Goyer wrote BATMAN BEGINS right? So he is in good hands scripting it, but he also directed BLADE: TRINITY - which alot of people hated (I liked it, am I that easy to please by seeing Jessica Biel?) so its a 50/50 take on how the FLash will turn out - I like his idea of using RYAN REYNOLDS as Wally West and probably some classic actor to be Barry Allen...oh man this sounds sweet!


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