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Saturday, July 02, 2005


This is a great hot off the press video interview with AVI ARAD of MARVEL as he goes over the Marvel movie slate. Listening to him though, sounds like listening to a older more fan boy Arnold sometimes but he knows his stuff and we'll see if he's right about the FANTASTIC FOUR but I think he is really grabbing at straws if he thinks NAMOR or THOR are going to be blockbusters.

Stick the with the big 5 and then have these neat little movies like Daredevil and Ghost Rider on the side and wait for the talent to come to play. Only do a movie when you find a Bryan Singer or Sam Raimi.

His other comment about DC taking over with movies does ring true - Batman - DC's star didn't come any where near Spider-Man (as I predicted) and even if FF is not as good as Batman Begins, because its a family movie and more bright and something new I think it will end up doing better than Batman Begins.


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