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Tuesday, June 07, 2005


ANN is reporting that a new MEGAZONE 23 is in the works with the character designer that did the first one. Not much else is known now but I thought you should know. The first M23 was the first real anime I ever saw and I loved it...I found the big reveal at the end to have really influenced Alex Proyas when he made DARK CITY.

If you haven't seen it, its a bit tough on the eyes compared to these days, but a kid who finds a transforming bike and uses it to woo a hot chick into bed with him (yes first softcore anime sex for me) and all hell breaks loose - I think Japan in the 80's was really influenced by movies like STREETS OF FIRE because it seems alot of that rebel stuff stems somewhat from that movie. I think they even see it in M23 Part 1. Cannot comment on Parts 2 or 3 as they seemed to be a big difference in terms of art style. Still the concept is sound and hope to find more info soon!


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