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Monday, June 06, 2005


OK I'll admit, I just saw SIN CITY...hey we get movies late here on Ylum...but it was worth the wait, just a beautiful and relentless film and alot more gory than I thought it would be seeing as I read the comics in black and white I don't remember it being that bloody.

Hats off to Elijah Wood, he is no longer Frodo he is now Kevin! Mickey Rourke - you were fantastic as Marv! Devon Aoki you will always be Miho to me. Everyone was spot on and to think that this kind of film was made with 3 directors and for a low(er) budget - seeing all the big name star come out one by one as the Sin City characters was a treat too. The only bummer I had was that I loved the music that was used in the trailer and thought that was in fact the theme song - I find out it's not part of the movie but you can download it here for free its called CELLS by The Servant and this was the only bad move by Troublemaker...this song IS Sin City. Other than that I look forward to the DVD!


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