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Saturday, June 04, 2005


You know, I doubt that the new V FOR VENDETTA movie will be anything like the comic - although very cool for 1985, it's political agenda doesn't hold up today and I bet that Joel Silver and the Wachowski Brothers go for the "Zorro" type of film - V is like Zorro, as a rebel against the government dressed in a black cloak but obviously with cooler and more sci-fi special effects. Obviously this approach will get more people to see it - I just dont't understand why comic fans would ever want their favorite comic to come to life when you know it won't resemble anything of what it looked like on the printed page. Comics are for us, movies are for the masses. Aintitcoolnews has a spoiler filled review of the supposed script, so read that if you like and tell me if I'm wrong. Either way check out these cool new set photos for V FOR VENDETTA, I hope it isn't going to be S FOR "YOU KNOW WHAT"


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