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Monday, June 20, 2005


I don't know how truthful this is even coming from Alan Cumming himself, but according to his own website he will NOT be coming back to X3 as Nightcrawler (on a side note this site says he has his own perfume called CUMMING; so take it how you will, or is he really that wacky?) - now this could be HE himself was such a pain in the ass on the set of X2 that they decided to recast the character or the producers are really not including Nightcrawler which could be true since we know the BEAST is in it and having 2 blue-furred mutants in the same movie might be confusing, but then again they did have Nightcrawler and Mystique so there must just be too many characters in it...but even a cameo by NC would be nice - c'mon everyone was blown away by the first 10 minutes of X2 where he teleports and jumps through the White House.

How can they not have NC in X3? Brett Ratner is already tearing the franchise apart!


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