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Monday, June 06, 2005


This was our very first post - an image of the new ULTIMATE MOON KNIGHT so we thought we'd post the new art for him. MARVEL's news at WIZARD WORLD PHILLY sounds like they had their asses handed to them by DC...not that many interesting pieces to come out:

  • Bryan Singer's ULTIMATE X-MEN run is actually coming out!
  • That Garth Ennis and Clayton Crain GHOST RIDER series looks amazing!
  • Neil Gaiman's 1602 is coming back - but not written by him or drawn by one of those Kubert boys (See DC WWP news)
...and yes that's about it. Well I guess that Marvel knew they would be killed here so maybe they are holding off for San Diego, but somehow I doubt it. But I guess Quesada and Co. still get the last laugh as for now Marvel books, no matter how bad, still dominate the Top 25 and its not all X-Men or Spider-Man either. Will that change in the next 6-8 months? This is what everyone is waiting to see!


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