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Saturday, June 25, 2005


Oh yeah, its waaaayyy too early to start this BUT - I'm throwing my hat in the ring for CRISPIN GLOVER as the JOKER for BATMAN BEGINS AGAIN (or whatever they call it). If you have been following this the names mentioned are CRISPIN GLOVER who you may or may not recognize as GEORGE McFLY from BACK TO THE FUTURE and more recently as The Thin Man in CHARLIE'S ANGELS: FULL THROTTLE and of course in the remake of WILLIARD and MARK HAMMIL (Yes, Luke Skywalker but obviously the man with the cartoon Joker's voice) Hammil is too old obviously and come on, that is just a fanboy comment whoever suggested that.

But now there is a new contender and in keeping with Chris Nolan's majorly UK cast - PAUL BETTANY is now apparently in the running. I don't know his work very well, but I did see him with Kirsten Dunst in WIMBELDON and must say he is more the big screen English version of Chandler Bing. And plus this guy doesnt need any perks, he's married to JENNIFER CONNELLY which is reward enough for being an actor!

And oh yeah they want LIEV (The Manchurian Candidate) SCHRIEVER to be HARVEY DENT which is perfect casting now lets just forget the other days comment about Frankie Muiz and go back about our business!


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