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Friday, June 03, 2005


ANN reports on the obvious from Bandai - unbelievably to the rest of the world, GUNDAM is still the biggest money maker with Super Sentai Heroes (The Japanese way of saying POWER RANGERS) falls in at a distant second. But think about this - in 5 years GUNDAM products have done $1 TRILLION DOLLARS (I am guessing at retail) - $1 TRILLION!!!

Its neat to know that Japanese kids have more patience than any other kids...have you tried putting these models kits together? I'll admit they are fun when assembled but that's a long way to pose something on your desk.

Surprising is that this new thing called PRETTY CURE (hmmm, sounds like a sick game of "Doctor" for kids) is raking it in as well in Japan and we have yet to hear of it in the Englihs-speaking world.


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