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Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Medicon has some special edition FANTASTIC FOUR Kubrick's coming out for the movie! It's always neat to check out foreign sites for American stuff - the Japanese FF site has a quick video of Jessica Alba asking you to see the movie, (I'm sure you can navigate through to the English button that says QUICKTIME on it) I guess she is big over there as well.

And of course there is the 10-minute pretty-much spolier free Behind-The Scenes video at Apple that should have any naysayers changing their tune. As long as the story stays together even with all the changes, the FX and the rest will be good enough and should shoot this into a $60 million weekend, but with so many hits already in terms of critical acclaim, someone has to be the its either Tom Cruise or FF - I doubt that we can have all 4 Blockbusters being good (Ep3, BB, WoW, FF) can we?


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