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Sunday, June 12, 2005


Why does HBO make the best shows? It has to be the swearing! Well chalk up another awesome show and one pop culture fans can eat up: ENTOURAGE - Vincent Chase is the hot new "it" actor in Hollywood and he and this is the story of him and his 3 buddies from Queens as we follow their Hollywood lifestyle. PRIME acting citation goes to JEREMY PIVEN as Vincent's agent ARI. A whole new catchphrase for our generation: "LET'S HUG IT OUT BITCH!" even has its own website.

The first season of 8 epsiodes is out on DVD (And you thought Seinfeld's first season was short) and season 2 has already started giving us something to actually look forward to watching on TV this Summer. Mark "Marky Mark" Whalberg is an executive producer and I can't help but see that this is semi-autobiographical of his career. Everything you think Young Hollywood must be like especially if you are a good-looking guy, its all in this show. Funny, smart, hip with great performances and clever writing makes this show one that cannot be beat - so take it from Vegas its the one to watch this Summer.


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