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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

DIRECTOR LEAVES X3???! has the best rumour I've heard this year. Apparently new X3 director MATTHEW "Never Heard of Him" VAUGHN is leaving the director's chair of the new sequel!! Wow this is crazy news - everyone is just waiting to see Sideshow Bob as Hank McCoy but this puts another wait in the X-Men game. A new director will be announced soon - signs point to Joss Whedon who is linked to the Wonder Woman movie, but could be someone else - my suggestion is let Hugh Jackman direct it himself...he's in most of the 2 previous movies anyways might as well take over make-up and lighting too while he's at it.

UPDATE - Well it looks like it ISN'T a rumour, tons of entertainment websites have posted this as FACT. So looks like the identity of the actor playing the ANGEL and if we will in fact see X3 in May 2006 is up in the air. With 3 months before principal photography to begin, I doubt this will make a Summer '06 start and that means it might be delayed until '07 and if that's the case you can imagine that the cast might not even want to wait to make it. DAMN YOU BRYAN SINGER THI SIS ALL YOUR FAULT!


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