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Monday, June 06, 2005


DC had a great time at WIZARD WORLD PHILLY - besides premiering BATMAN BEGINS the announcements were all pretty high end:

  • Yes that is the WARLORD above, Mike Grell's old series is coming back by BRUCE JONES and BART SEARS. While I hate Bart Sears - actually his art looks suited for this.
  • That new VIGILANTE (Covers by Micheal Golden) series is finally coming out as well - more info on these 2 series coming soon!
  • DC FINALLY answers to Marvel's Essential line with their 500-page black and white reprint books called SHOWCASE PRESENTS - it sounds like they revolve around a character rather than a chronology of a title which is OK too since I'm dying to read Silver Age Superman, Metamorpho, Green Lanters and JONAH HEX!
  • Good or bad? INFINITE CRISIS will have 2 covers each issue - one by Jim Lee and one by George Perez...if this doesn't place DC at #1 each month in terms of sales foir the duration of the IC series I dont know what will.
And the biggest news is that ADAM AND ANDY KUBERT signed a THREE-YEAR EXCLUSIVE deal with DC - they have been at Marvel for - wow, at least 10-12 years - so I guess it's time for a change. While I definitely hate their artwork, they were Marvel's go-to guys, artists who could pump out a monthly book and defined alot of the key books that Marvel put out in the last 5 years. It should be interesting to see how Marvel "retaliates" on this - the only score they could do is nab Jim Lee but you know that would be impossible.


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