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Thursday, June 16, 2005


Well it was worth the wait to get here. Probably the most exciting and faithful comic book movies ever. BATMAN BEGINS is a sheer thrill from beginning to end as learn how Bruce Wayne became Batman. This is more along the lines of the first Superman movie as it really goes in depth into the origin showing more of what led Bruce to become Batman.

I have some problems with it specifically that he is a trained ninja but what about criminologist and detective, that part was kind of left out...I guess it was like the organic web-shooters, too unbeliveable that one guy could be all these things and we wouldn't have Morgan Freeman in it. THE CASTING was brilliant - I mean everyone was amazing, all of them even Katie Holmes...Cilian Murphy was awesome, Michael Caine as always was just makes me cringe now to try and watch the original 4 ever again. That was like a cartoon version of THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS, this is like the ULTIMATE BATMAN version - Year One taken up a notch.

And for those of you that don't like the rubber and all the gadgets - you will change your mind, the introduction of the bat suit and the gadgets was half of the fun of the movie. Most importantly when you walk out of the theatre you felt you just got off a rollercoaster. Best movie of the Summer? So far the BAT IS BACK and loved the new DC logo animation at the start.


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