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Monday, June 27, 2005


Yup the Bat hangs on to another week at #1 scoring a whopping $26.8 million over this weekend bring its gross over 12 days to $121.7 million (which includes its record-0breaking IMAX showing) Most importantly is that BB only dropped 45% from its opening weekend when most movies frop 50% or more (Hi Hulk) but still estimates only see it hitting $200 million for its entire domestic run. I was hoping it would have hit into Top 10 of all time, but as long as it beats out the original 4 Batman movies I guess I will be OK.

And a drunk Bruce Wayne (wow he really thinks he is Batman) lets the loose lips announce that SEAN PENN is in the running to be the Joker - which of course is completely crazy, but is what the new rumour mill has unleeashed!


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