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Thursday, May 12, 2005


I can't believe they are even considering doing X3 without CYCLOPS!

Will you play Cyclops in X-Men 3?
It’s very complicated. I want nothing more than to be a part of X-Men 3, especially since they’re probably going into the Dark Phoenix saga, which would include my character a lot, but the schedule might conflict. I hope it all works out. I told them I’d do it for free.
Seeing as X3 is obviously about Dark Phoenix and somehow they are fitting Juggernaut into it (I guess no Hellfire Club) Cyclops better be the more prominent character with Wolverine and Storm - but I think it will be tricky since they have to show off more Nightcrawler and new members Beast and Angel and who knows who else.

To make fans happy they should just do a huge Danger room montage where every X-Man is in it - kind of like how they did Collossus - so that we get the visual delight of seeing the characters but then they buckle down to the core characters to tell the actual story. I thought X2 was a good balance, but when you have people like Halle Berry threatening to not sign on because she has nothing to do - I say sorry Storm, we're going to have you on sick leave for the next one and use a new female X-character.


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