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Saturday, May 07, 2005


More press for Star Wars, Actress Bai Ling who was to be in EPISODE 3: REVENGE OF THE SITH, was cut from the final edit of the film and she thinks its because of this month's PLAYBOY photo spread!

"NOT TRUE" says Lucas...who apparently cut his own daughter from the same scene
. This is a great ad for the Fall release of the DVD that will no doubt have this scene back in the film anyways. As if 5 TV commercials every hour for ROTS wasn't enough now my porn is selling me this movie too?!

Just in case you aren't up to speed Bai Ling (You saw her taking a nude shower in THE CROW) has been doing alot of promoting of the film and even appeared at the line-up in front of Mann's Chinese theatre to promote the it would seem strange that she was cut a year ago and nobody told her.

Go to these Ebay auctions HERE and HERE and HERE to see her in her Episode 3 costume as a member of the SENATE COUNCIL.


Blogger Kid Z said...

Meh. I doubt a pin-up would have helped this movie. Now, had Lucas taken a cue from Tartakovsky and the way he approached The Clone Wars micro series, then I'd be more interested. But, as it is, I just don't care. The first two movies damned the third one, good or not.

Monday, May 09, 2005 4:31:00 AM


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