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Monday, May 16, 2005


Forget the US Cartoon Network feed, the Canadians have the goods on JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED!

Airing all the episodes way before their US dates makes Teletoon the channel to watch these days especially if you are a JLU fan, which by judging the last 3 episodes is on its way to becoming the best DC cartoon ever!

HUNTER'S MOON: I don't care to see Hawkgirl out of costume, but with the bad guy Thanagarians (well timed with the new RANN-THANAGAR WAR #1 coming out this week) making an appearance more than made up. What sounded like a "dump on Green Lantern" episode with the pairing of Vixen and Hawkgirl, it turned out to be a great epsiode. What was J'onn thinking? Sending Vixen and Vigilante (who was a great addition) into a space fight? If you can get past that weird pairing and if you dont mind that the Vigilante is in the wrong timeline - then this is a fun and colorful epsiode.

DOUBLE DATE: The Question is becoming my favorite character, and while most of the voice casting decisions on the show are not the best - Jeffrey (Re-Animator and Shraan on ENTERPRISE) Coombs - does an amazing job as the weird and conspiracy-theorizing Question - too bad the recent DC Comics mini-series wasn't like this. Throw in Green Arrow and Black Canary's courtship and a maniacal Huntress into the mix and this is another fun episode.

THE CLASH: I give props to the creative team for NOT including the core 7 in the last batch of episodes - so that when we see Supes and Bats again it's actually fun! For those waiting to see The Big Red Cheese in animated form this is it - an ep that could easily have just been a 22-minuite slugfest was an interesting manipulation game by the bad guys. And WTF??? The bad guy cameo's in this epsiode are really digging deep into the WHO'S WHO back catalogue which make it fun for us old-schoolers and for the new kids watching it. Gold stars to those that know BLACK MASS, CROWBAR, FASTBALL and other members of THE CADRE by name!!!


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