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Tuesday, May 03, 2005


I know this has been out for a while - but I just started playing it and an hour in I have to say GOD OF WAR is the game of the year! Fantastic characters and design, cool bosses all wrapped around the Greek Heroes and Gods - I just got up to Athens and I see this huge giant guy...I thought those sea monster hydra's were tough...definitely pick up this game which I already think is better than the recent Prince of Persia.- which has the same kind of feel.

Director David Jaffe sits down with EGM with some of his afterthoughts:

From a creative standpoint, I wanted to show Kratos as a character who is very base, very animalistic, and that doesn't just apply to things on the battlefield -- it applies to the bedroom as well. He's almost like the Hulk in a lot of ways; he has a very simple code of ethics and it's all about satisfying his urges. I also thought of the idea from a mechanical standpoint. Kratos is a tortured soul, and if you read his journal in his bedcap, he talks about the women he picked up in Crete and which one kinda reminds him of his [dead] wife. And one of the inspirations for the game was Heavy Metal Magazine -- I love how they mix great fantasy epics with over-the-top sex and violence.


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