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Friday, May 06, 2005


Finally GEORGE PEREZ signs an exclusive with a company that won't go under in the next 6 months. Perez is the only old-school creator that still sells to the kids today - I wouldn't touch anything by Byrne or Starlin these days - but Perez is a class-act, he's the Sean Connery of comics and with the Titans OGN GAMES and the mini-series THE RETURN OF DONNA TROY coming up, he is on his A-Game for sure!

And it's interesting to hear from a creator's perspective the financial rewards at signing on at one of the Big 2:

“DC also has certain perks and accounting systems in place that Marvel has yet to address, like foreign royalties, and DC’s bookkeeping system is much easier to work with. Marvel was trying to offer some other things to balance that, but so many of my landmarks in the industry were centered around DC—Crisis, Titans, and even JLA/Avengers was half-DC—that they seemed like the place where I needed to be. And not only was their offer better, but there are so many people at DC that I have long-term relationships with, from Paul Levitz on—and I have a great respect for everything that Dan DiDio is doing with DC right now, and I feel like what he has planned for the company is just phenomenal. Considering all those factors, it was obvious that this was the best decision.”


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