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Wednesday, May 25, 2005


In a country that can buy bootleg copies of EPISODE 3 on DVD for $1.20 it is AMAZING that anyone actually goes to the cinema as these DVD's are available almost anywhere you walk. So the first news that came out of China about the poor audiences for REVENGE OF THE SITH made sense, the country did a complete 180 and are now SELLING OUT each show.

This shows you that China does not have the Midnight Madness culture, and also probably was more curious to see it after seeing that the US spent $50 million to see it on just one-day. Either way its interesting to see and how the MPAA really should relax. The US has just as much piracy, its just not so easy to find and music CD's still sell millions of copies and movies like ROTS still can do $150 million PLUS at the theatre. Greed I tell you...all greed!


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