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Friday, May 27, 2005


A sure sign that a TRANSFORMERS live-action movie is a bad idea is when the director says he is not a fan. Didn't Hollywood learn their lesson with Batman, Dick Tracy, Catwoman, Hulk etc. al. the director must be passionate about it so that everyone is happy about it, with Micheal Bay the most likeliness of this film is it will be a straight adaptation with no fan service. I hope this isnt going to be a missed opportunity.

Bay says it wasn't so much the show that appealed to him, but more the prospect of starting a new family film franchise. "I'm not necessarily a fan of the show, but I love the writer's take on this. I love the whole changing up of the machines. The hook the writers have, I'm really into. I've always wanted to do kind of a big family movie, a franchise piece, so that's why I'm interested in it."
But 2 things go against what I just said - I'm looking forward to his THE ISLAND and the second thing is the DAREDEVIL director was a fan and look how crappy that turned out. I hope he learned his lesson for GHOST RIDER. So who knows?


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