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Saturday, May 14, 2005


It's not very often that print magazines scoop the web these days - but the newst issue of TOYFARE MAGAZINE #95 to be exact - has a bunch of scooperific news pieces and because its a slow news day we thought we'd break a few laws and scan in the one that made us buy this specific issue.

It looks like DC DIRECT is doing very well with figures just based on Superman and Batman, so I guess we'll never get any of the obscure DC characters outside of what Mattel (WTF???) is doing with JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED, which is strange because you'd think that DC would be the ones to do a Secret Society of Super Villains line.

Anyways as you can see from this scan, DCD is going to be doing the BATMAN and BATGIRL from the Elseworlds series from a few years back called THRILLKILLER. What? You never heard of it? Yeah it's odd they decided to do this 0ne before GOTHAM BY GASLIGHT or one of the cooler Elseworld books, but the costume designs by Dan Brereton were pretty cool so I would pitch in that this was a good move as I'd buy them. But still not sure of Batman's lingerie gloves!

Up top you'll see the first sculpts of the CRIMSON MIST Batman - yeah you remember this one when Batman became an actual VAMPIRE - and you thought the 70's were over!

Last year DCD did announce a line of figures based on Mark Millar's RED SON - where Superman landed in Russia instead of America and revealed this Russian-looking Batman, well here is the Superman and Wonder Woman who apparently have been delayed. Its funny because of the three, I think RED SON Sold the best, but it makes the worst action figures. Oh well what are you going to do. TOYFARE #95 has abunch of other stuff I have not seen online so you might want to pick it up - its on newstands now, natch!


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