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Sunday, April 24, 2005


OK enough of the dude in the tights - lets focus back on heterosexual pop culture for a minute!

If I had to brave through almost 4 years of STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE to get a chance to watch Part 1 of the episode IN A MIRROR, DARKLY then so be it! BY FAR the best STAR TREK episode I've seen in a...well...EVER - since Classic Trek! Absolute attention was paid to to the plot of this epsiode.

Where to begin? Of course with the new women's uniforms in the Mirror Universe, as so expertly worn by T'POL played by the super-hot-only-reason-to-endure-bad-tv JOLENE BLALOCK. But yes the rest of the episode was tightly paced and in fitting with the source from the original Trek epsiode "Mirror, Mirror" which all Trek fans cite as Top 5 of the Classic series.

I can't and won't spoil this for you - so check your local listings or your favorite BT site and watch this - super fun for anyone who has even remotely been interested in Trek and this episode even makes up for NEMESIS, INSURRECTION and the last few seasons of VOYAGER...its that good.

And to go a step further has recorded a commentary that you can listen to writer MIKE SUSSMAN talk about the episode in that DVD commentary way which actually is quite interesting and hope they do it for the last bunch of episodes.

From the intro riff on FIRST CONTACT to the new scarier theme song and title sequence to the sexy bare-midriff T'Pol and Hoshi to the shot of the Classic Trek DEFIANT and 2005 CG version of the THOLIAN WEB - this episode makes up for so much.

As I always said about ENTERPRISE - don't try and get my girlfriend or my uncle to watch it by making it less geeky - just amp it up so that you keep the fans you do have and keep them loyal. I mean they saw the initial ratings, everyone was on board (12 million for the premiere) - but because they tried to make it for everyone it just made the core audience leave. This 4th season has been a homage to the Trek fan with nods to Klingons, Orion Slave Girls and now this 2-part episode.

Long Live the Empire - see you next week for Part 2 - when Archer and the crew put on Kirk-era outfits!


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