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Saturday, April 30, 2005


Man do I feel old - it's the 10th ANNIVERSARY of the 1st TOY STORY movie?

Toy Story, the landmark computer-animated film from Disney and Pixar, turns 10 this fall, with a two-disc 10th Anniversary Edition DVD set to arrive in stores Sept. 6.

A bonus featurette, The Legacy of Toy Story, includes interviews with celebrated filmmakers on the importance of the film, credited with launching the trend away from traditional hand-drawn animation.

Both the movie's picture and sound quality have been bumped up. Advanced video technology provides a higher digital "bit rate," and the sound has been enhanced by Lucasfilm's Gary Rydstrom, winner of seven Academy Awards and a member of the Toy Story production team. Other special features on the $30 DVD include a new "making of" documentary, 10 deleted scenes, early animation tests and a new music video of Lyle Lovett and Randy Newman singing You've Got a Friend in Me.

- USA Today


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