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Monday, April 25, 2005

This Week's Haul: ULTIMATE X-MEN #58

Usually I don't like fill-in issues or ones that seem like filler or one's that subtley set up the real stuff that will happen in the next issue - but I have to hand it to BRIAN K. VAUGHAN - probably the hottest writer at Marvel that is still under the radar. I have been enjoying his run on ULTIMATE X-MEN so far - MARK MILLAR's run has been the one to beat, but with this issue I think BKV is setting something up that will really be an intense read. Also I just LOVE seeing Professor X using his powers offensively - he really is the most powerful character in's a toss up between FLASH and CHARLES as the one that could take out all the other characters the fastest.

Although it may not be the most physically exciting series - if they gave JUBILEE her own series then come on and give is a PROFESSOR X mini-series! And did I also mention that PREACHER artist STEVE DILLON draws this issue? It's great to see his rendition of some of the X-Men albeit briefly.


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