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Monday, April 25, 2005

This Week's Haul: SPACE GHOST #6

I love SPACE GHOST - so I wanted to check this new series out which kind of makes him more of a realistic character. It is neat to see Space and his villians drawn in a more relaistic style but I'm not sure it's what I like but I can bet that it would have bombed if it was drawn in an ALEX TOTH style (which I love but sure would not fly with the kids today) and I guess it was well received since it looks like the creative team has been greenlit for another 6-issue mini-series. If you are a fan you need to pick it up for the 6 amazing ALEX ROSS covers and for a different take on the character - if you don't like SG or that whole world you still might like the sci-fi elements but if that is what you are looking for I suggest the far more superior current ADAM STRANGE mini-series.

Anyways if you missed this SG mini-series, it's already being collected in JULY!


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