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Friday, April 29, 2005


Stan Lee wins what sounds like $10 million is a settlement with Marvel. After creating all the characters he did for Marvel its great that he finally got paid for it - but I still think he got ripped off. If the $10 million is just for the movie then that is OK - but if it was the buy-out fee for Spider-Man for all time, Stan got ripped off.

And I guess since that hit Marvel's wallets so hard they had to use some magical $500 million war-chest to start making movies by themselves that Paramount will distrubute (the only studio without a Marvel movie franchise.)

The Marvel news continues with their quarter 1 results - which are dull for those who don't care, so in a nutshell - Marvel didn't make as much money as the same quarter last year but with all the new movies and stuff they are still looking sweet. I guess alot of the future of Marvel will hinge on this Summer's FANTASTIC FOUR - because right now it looks like only Spidey and the X-Men are their cash-cows with the utter bombing of the rest of their films.

And if you didn't hear, Marvel are making cartoons too!


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