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Thursday, April 28, 2005


Depending on who you talk to this could easily be the shocker story of the year or the worst thing you've heard since "Spider Clone." ROB LIEFELD - famous for selling 1 million X-FORCE comics, starting IMAGE COMICS and starring in LEVIS 501 TV commercials - is signing up for a 2-issue stint on DC's TEEN TITANS series!

I gotta say that is exciting indeed as Rob hasn't worked on DC characters since he started out on HAWK AND DOVE. Love him or hate him, its time to see what he can do in the DCU and a team book was the perfect place to start. Read all about it here and check out his new site - if you can take it!

If I have lowered my reporting credibility by saying this is a good idea - so be it! I grew up on Rob's work and I know he is a bad artist and his anatomy doesn't work and that all these new TT pieces are all misproportioned - but there is something exctiting about his work, like Kirby's art - oops, that comment will get me into more trouble - so I will stop there and let you battle it out with all the other "Haters" here.

UPDATE: Newsarama just added an interview with The Holy One, where he reveals how he created Youngblood:

"Shaft was intended to be Speedy. Vogue was a new Harlequin design, Combat was a Kh'undian warrior circa the Legion of Super Heroes, ditto for Photon and Die Hard was a Star Labs android. I forgot who Chapel was supposed to be. So there you have it, the secret origin of Youngblood."


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