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Thursday, April 21, 2005


This is causing some big hoopla around the many toy sites. Diamond is releasing a DEEP SPACE NINE STAR TREK figure line with four figures - SISKO, DAX, BASHIR and O'BRIEN...seems normal enough until you find out how to get them...

The assortment will include four figures, each being sold through exclusive retail partners. The Captain Benjamin Sisko figure will be available exclusively at all Tower Records locations and on their website. The Sisko figure includes a phaser, communicator and tribble. Musiclands retail outlets (Suncoast, Media Play) will be selling the exclusive Dr. Julian Bashir, whose accessories include a phaser, medical tricorder and tribble. Action Figure Xpress will be offering the red skirted Lt. Jadzia Dax while Chief Miles O'Brien will be available at New Force Comics. Both O’ Brien and Dax will include a padd, tricorder, communicator and tribble.
HUH? I have to go to 4 places to get the 4 figures? No wonder everyone is up in arms over this...well at least someone is going to make a killing selling sets on Ebay. I wonder why Diamond didnt just sell all 4 figures to just these retailers so that collectors could get them all at one place...


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