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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


J. Scott Campbell gives out some more inside secrets on his upcoming WILDSIDERZ comic book series:

Well, it would really be nice to poke through that really thick "Ultimate-Crisis -X-Avengers-Spider-Super-Bat" crust that's always up there and actually penetrate the top 20 with a brand new and exciting creator-owned book. Now, you may say that that's impossible in today’s icon-devouring fan and retailer market, but I remember Danger Girl regularly appearing in the top ten, and I would hope to be able to do it again.
Although he does sound a bit arrogant for having created a comic book version of CHARLIE'S ANGELS I have to admit he is right - if JIM LEE and GEOFF JOHNS and the rest could just channel their energies into their own stuff - and not let it be DIVINE RIGHT 2 - I think the industry would be better off. I do see things like WILDSIDERZ and Marc Silvestri's HUNTER KILLER and Mark Millar's WANTED kind of setting that up but they need the rest to step up - the only problem I see is that most of the creators that would do creator-owned stuff would shy away from superheroes or some kind of costumed adventure story when that is exactly what they should do.


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